Our Approach

Epitome has earned our reputation for delivering investor success through our rigorous land development process.

Our highly experienced, in-house land development professionals manage and implement every aspect of the process to ensure success at the fastest possible pace. Consistently applying our tried-and-true process and staying on top of the market and our projects drive on-time delivery – on budget.



  • Research: We closely analyze market conditions and monitor trends to develop innovative opportunities that create long-term value in our portfolio.
  • Finding Opportunities: Typically, we source premium properties through our wholesaler network and work directly with ranchers who own land in the path of progress.
  • Choose the Best of the Best: Epitome is extremely discerning in choosing its property plays- evaluating 15 deals a day but only choosing 1 a month. That’s approximately 1 out of every 450 deals. This funnel ensures we only invest in the best possible deals.

Due Diligence

  • Exhaustive Review Process: We perform a comprehensive due diligence on each parcel – Phase 1 Environmental Report, Wetlands Report, Floodplain Analysis, Topography Challenges, Tree Surveys, Title Surveys and more.
  • Detailed Land Plan: When a parcel of land passes all the due diligence checks, we work with our engineers to develop a detailed land plan on how best to utilize the property.
  • Pre-Development Municipal Buy-In: We conduct pre-development meetings with the cities and counties to gauge their approval of our plans and secure feedback.
  • Market Analysis: top tier consulting firms help us determine the highest and best use of the parcel.
  • Market Demand Analysis: We assess market demand with home builders, commercial and multifamily developers.


  • Underwriting: Based on market demand and costs.
  • Calculate ROI: Determine investor returns based on expected return and plan.
  • Debt Sourcing: To secure necessary capital.


  • Acquisition: We manage all aspects of land acquisition to ensure a smooth transition of ownership.
  • Financial Reporting: Our team provides all Investor documentation and SEC filings.


  • Service Extension Requests for Utilities – Water, Wastewater, Electricity
  • Planning and design
  • Municipal Utility Districts
  • Platting
  • Subdivision plan approval
  • Preliminary architectural plans

Development and Construction

  • Design
  • Onsite horizontal development
  • Offsite horizontal development
  • Vertical Construction

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David Clear

With 6 years of private sector land development experience and over 12 years of urban planning and design experience, David has a strong passion for creating the communities of the future in Texas.  David has handled project management duties for land developers, managed pro formas and site development timelines, master planned over 1,000 acres of developed land and understands a wide array of planning and development patterns, including new urbanist mixed-use communities, build-to-rent and traditional single family residential development.  He can tackle all aspects of project management for land development related projects.


Warren Hutmacher

Warren serves as the Vice President for Land Development of Epitome Development which focuses on land development in high growth cities like Austin and has a vertical that acquires and develops build for rent communities.

Warren earned his BA in Political Science from the University of Delaware and his MPA in Public Administration from The Ohio State University.

In the past he has served as a City Manager in Texas and Georgia for fast growing communities ranging in size from 3,000 to over 85,000 in population. Warren has developed a reputation as a collaborative leader and has long term relationships with both private and public sector organizations that help him lead projects to successful conclusions.

Warren’s extensive management background and his long history of working on large and complex real estate projects brings value to the land development process. He has worked on residential developments, office and mixed used developments including redevelopment and greenfield development. He can seamlessly work between the private side of commercial real estate and the intricacies of the local government entitlement and approval processes.


Gerald Logan

Gerald has over five years of experience within finance. As a Vice President at Northmarq he had a lot of success raising capital and leading teams of varying size and scale. He has an extensive network of debt, equity, and development connections in Texas and throughout the United States.

Gerald is a well-rounded professional with a diverse skill set comprising of valuing assets, team collaboration abilities, and using technology to advance growth and bolstering market awareness.

Gerald is adept at balancing complexity with messaging key financial drivers, executing on strategic initiatives, and managing teams with effective interpersonal communication. He attended The University of Michigan for Undergraduate studies & Johns Hopkins University for a Masters in Management.


Robert Peerman Jr.

Robert serves as the Vice President for Land Acquisitions of Epitome Development. Robert earned his BA from the University of Texas and has over 30 years experience in land acquisitions and home development in Austin, Texas.

During his career he has worked at almost every major home builder in the area including but not limited to Century Communities, D.R Horton, GFO Homes, Lennar, and others. At these companies he ran the land acquisition, entitlements, and individual project management. His expertise has been critical when dealing with the city of Austin and understanding the hurdles that come with dealing with the city.

Robert's extensive management background and his long history of working on large and complex real estate projects brings value to the single family home building process.