Site information

Land size:
9.22 acres

Lot sizes:
2400 SF

Number of Lots:

School District:
Round Rock


August 2021:
Close on land

Aug. 2021-Mid 2022:
Planning and permitting

Mid-Late 2022:
Site Development

Late 2022:
Begin construction

Late 2023-Early 2024:
Project Completion


Epitome and Ashton Gray Dev. have partnered to develop 9.22 acres in Round Rock, Texas into 98 duplexes – townhome classification. The site is located on South A.W. Grimes Blvd just south of TX-45.

This location is prime for development being only 6 minutes from the Dell Round Rock campus and 25 minutes from downtown Austin. The Austin-Round Rock area is the No. 2 emerging market in the US according to The Wall Street Journal and’s new housing index.

Real estate agents are reporting some of the strongest sales in their careers with homes being snatched off the market in a matter of hours. But for buyers, the rising costs and low housing inventory are making it difficult to find a home.

As more and more people move to Round Rock, the demand for housing is drastically increasing coupled with very low inventory numbers.

With this fast growing demand, this opportunity presents the best possible outcome for an investor.

Property Photos